NESC Rugby

A Division II Women's Collegiate Conference

Best Practices


The following are a compilation of ideas from NESCRC team leaders at the August 2013 AGM.

  1. Table tents in the dining hall
  2. Announcing rugby info/letters to incoming class
  3. Online promotions/emails to Class of 20XX FaceBook page
  4. Activities Fairs (fall and spring)
  5. Walk a mile in their shoes event (and other community service/charitable events)
  6. Invite dorm mates to “go for a run” with you, or members of the team
  7. General interest meeting
    1. Share benefits of being on a team: time management, make friends, better grades, exercise, fresh air
    2. Why Rugby?  Exciting to learn something new!  Skills transfer from other sports. Confidence, Resilience. It’s cool and fun!
  8. Posters
    1. Big, colorful, eye-catching photo or art work
    2. Placed strategically where female students, especially freshmen will see it:  bathroom stalls, dorms, elevators, dining hall waiting areas
    3. Invitation to join – no cuts – everyone welcome – position for all bodies
    4. List date, time, place for ‘Info Meeting’ or Practices
  9. Dorm Storming
    1. Cookies
    2. Send people in pairs (a big and a small, and chem-free pairs; talk about the sport, the values, the culture; be honest that it’s a contact sport)
    3. Put a post card under the door (after producing it!)

10.  Have a team-made dinner with/for your potential recruits

11.  Open practices – bring a friend

12.  Rugby party during orientation w/rugby songs/challenge by choice/respect for differences

13.  Rugby on the quad (rookie rugby)

14.  Team up with the men’s team

15.  Connections in the admissions office

16.  Send letter to freshman over the summer

17.  Elect Rookie Moms: this is a great way to use friendly, outgoing or nurturing women on your team and retain the players you’ve worked hard to recruit.  They meet and walk to practice with them, walk off the field after practice, ask about their day, join them for lunch once a week, etc.

18.  Help first years on move-in day

19.  Have an elevator pitch; know what you’re proud of about rugby!

20.  Connect on a personal level – diversity, LGBT, freshman transition

21.  Stop by common rooms or dorm meetings

22.  Encourage people to show interest to break down the barriers around “joining”

23.  Use player “star power”

24.  Find out who gets cut from other sports and contact them thoughtfully (could be a student or the coach)

25.  Ask students opportunistically i.e. in the weight room

26.  Consider everyone a potential recruit!


Obtaining All-Academic Qualifiers

  1. Track down the email address for the Data Management/Analysis person within your Registrar.  A quick search on the registrar’s webpage for your school should yield the results you’re looking for.  Regardless, try pin-pointing exactly who would have the most direct access to the information.
  2. Take your list of players and narrow it down to people who would be eligible for All-Academic consideration given our conference guidelines (student-athletes must have reached sophomore academic standing, must currently be CIPPed as an active member of USA Rugby, the student-athlete must have played in at least 50% of their team’s A-side games).
  3. Email the Data Management person this list and explain your role as Head Coach of the club rugby team and the conference All-Academic reward program. Ask that they tell you who on the list provided carries a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.35 or equivalent on a 4.0 scale.


Creating a YouTube Page

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