NESC Rugby

A Division II Women's Collegiate Conference

2013 All-Conference Team

Congratulations to the student-athletes who have distinguished themselves and their institutions by being named to the following NESCRC All-Conference team.

Conference Stand-Outs

Player of the Year
Anna Piotti
Rookie of the Year Lissa Ortega Middlebury
Coach of the Year Susan Childers Colby

First XV All-NESCRC Team

No. Player Team
Yerrica Morales
2 Katie Linder Middlebury
3 Pamela Zabala Bowdoin
Anna Piotti
5 Molly Benedetta Middlebury
6 Stephanie Ruys de Perez Colby
7 Addison Carvajal Bowdoin
8 Maura Allen Bowdoin
9 Kam Sanchez Bowdoin
10 Kim Gillies Tufts
11 Charlotte Kleiman Amherst
12 Emily Duh Middlebury
13 Jade Enright Colby
14 Johanna Dombrowski Williams
15 Hayleigh Kein Bowdoin


Player Team
Hannah Ohlson Williams
Amanda Montenegro Bowdoin
Jennifer Jauregui Williams
Emily Athanas-Linden Bowdoin
Marissa Shaw Middlebury
Stevie Durocher Middlebury
Paige Pfannenstiel Bowdoin
Hannah Schuchert Tufts

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