NESC Rugby

A Division II Women's Collegiate Conference

2012 All-Academic Team

Congratulations to the student-athletes who have distinguished themselves and their institutions by being named to the following NESCRC All-Academic team.

Player Team
 Emily Athanas-Linden  Bowdoin
 Kim Banford  Middlebury
 Bridget Bennett  Amherst
 Jess Berry  Middlebury
 Samantha Caras  Bowdoin
 Althea Cavanaugh  Bowdoin
 Marlene Cedeno  Amherst
 Mia Certo  Amherst
 Cassie Clemmer  Colby
 Marea Colombo  Middlebury
 Emily Duh  Middlebury
 Stevie Durocher  Middlebury
 Hannah Elkin  Middlebury
 Jade Enright  Colby
 Uche Esonu  Bowdoin
 Rashaa Fletcher  Amherst
 Julianna Gardner  Middlebury
 Rose Garson  Colby
 Anya Goldberg  Amherst
 Cassandra Gross  Amherst
 Julia Gulka  Middlebury
 Melanie Haas  Middlebury
 Jumana Hashim  Colby
 Rachel Henderson  Bowdoin
 Alex Hentges  Middlebury
 Laura Hofmann  Middlebury
 Charlotte Kleiman  Bowdoin
 Jessica Levine  Amherst
 Kate Linder  Middlebury
 Allie Martin  Colby
 Laurel Mast  Bowdoin
 Danielle McAvoy  Bowdoin
 Sarah Minahan  Middlebury
 Amanda Montenegro  Bowdoin
 Emily Murray  Bowdoin
 Sarah Pfander  Middlebury
 Claire Regenstreif  Colby
 Marissa Shaw  Middlebury
 Julia Smith  Amherst
 Rose Solomon  Colby
 Alaba Sotayo  Colby
 Katy Svec  Middlebury
 Claudia Wack  Amherst
 Helen White  Bowdoin

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