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NCAA Institutions Announce Formation of Women’s Varsity Rugby Association

FROM SURFSIDESEVENS.COM – Eight NCAA member institutions currently committed to sponsor women’s rugby at the varsity level have joined together to form the National Collegiate Varsity Women’s Rugby Association.

Athletic administrators from Army, Bowdoin, Brown, Central Washington, Harvard, Norwich, Quinnipiac, and West Chester have joined together to form the association. It is the first collegiate organization focused on the promotion and development of varsity women’s rugby. Membership is open to NCAA schools in all divisions who commit to sponsor women’s rugby at the varsity level.

The NCVWRA looks to serve as the primary point of contact with the NCAA on issues related to intercollegiate women’s rugby. In addition, it will be a resource for athletic administrators considering elevating their current women’s rugby clubs or creating new varsity programs. The Association will also look to coordinate the actions of its members to ensure the smoothest transition from club to varsity status.

The NCAA currently classifies women’s rugby as an Emerging Sport. For institutions looking to increase the participation of women in their varsity programs, rugby is an exceptional option. Squad sizes are large and required equipment is minimal, making it a very cost effective opportunity. In addition, the variety of positions on the field means that there are meaningful roles for athletes with a wide range of different talents.

Colleges and universities who are considering adding women’s rugby to their list of varsity sports are encouraged to contact any of the athletics directors in the NCVWRA or Jeffrey H. Ward, NCVWRA Executive Director.


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